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Rick's NYCheesecakes

Product Description


Very Vanilla

This cheesecake is a typical plain NY cheesecake.


Chocolate Chile

This is a well balanced cheesecake that is chocolate with a subtle Chile finish.



This creamy cheesecake has a nicely understated coffee flavor derived from coffee liqueur. For Diabetics, we use Espresso for the flavoring,


Jalapeno Cheddar

This cheesecake offers great flavors with just the right bite for a great finish.



Bursting with great almond flavor and topped with shaved chocolate, it is guaranteed to delight the palate.


Dulce de Leche

If you love caramel, This is the cake for you.


Orange Creamsicle

This one will bring you back to your childhood.


Brandied Cherry Chocolate Chip

Cherries and chocolate, a marriage made in heaven.  Seasonal.



Tastes like pumpkin pie, only better!


Apple Calvados

Think of Apple Pie meets Cheesecake.  We use French Apple Brandy in it.


White Chocolate Truffle

Decadence at its best!


Lemon Ginger

A taste of the Orient.


Coconut Cream

If you like coconut cream pie, this one’s for you!